2018 Porsche 988 Hypercar

2018 porsche 988 release date price

Porsche will soon release their new 2018 Porsche 988 hyper car, which is meant to compete on the market with their famous rivals Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan. Although rumors indicate that future Porsche 988 could be a mid-engine car, this is still questionable. They still do not have a chassis for a mid-engine car, and using one from another car like 918, just does not make much sense at all. That would increase the price of 2018 988 too much.

Other speculations suggested that upcoming 988 would be based on 911 platform, but most reasonable choice for Porsche would definitely be to use either platform from Audi R8 or from Lamborghini Huracan. Speaking of future Porsche 988 design, it will definitely get some styling details from 918 model.

2018 Porsche 988 engine performance specs

Although everyone would expect for new Porsche car to be powered by turbo flat-six or flat-four and bigger V8 and V10 powertrains, that will not be the case this time. 2018 Porsche 988 engine would be all new twin-turbocharged flat-8 4.0-liter petrol powertrain. First information about this engine is that it could develop as high as 700 horsepower and above 600 lb-ft of torque. It would also be capable to rev above 7,000 rpm. Engine will most likely use dual-clutch automatic transmission, along with all-wheel drive.

2018 porsche 988 engine specs

2018 Porsche 988 release date and price review

2018 Porsche 988 price is expected to be set between $250,000 and $300,000. This seams a lot of money for this Porsche, but it is still very competitive compared to other cars in this segment. There is still no exact information about 2018 Porsche 988 release date.

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